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About Us

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses.  These theses rocked the religious, social, and political establishment of his day.  He did not come to his reformation on his own.  In fact, it wasn't even his reformation.  It was God's reformation won from Luther's deep, heartfelt encounter with the Word of God.


We believe that we need world-shaking encounters with the Word of God like that...again.  In this podcast, two twins, who also happen to be Lutheran pastors, will take listeners on the same journey that Luther once took.  These will not be sermons.  These will not be devotions.  They will be a deep-dive into the Word of God.  


Project 1517 will podcast books of the Bible from start to finish until we have finished the whole Bible.  Then, we will start over again.